Nutrition and lifestyle changes take daily work.  If you have body composition goals that you want to achieve and maintain they require a change in your habits.  Short term diets and challenges are just that short term.  Most people not only gain back what they lost on a diet but gain more.  At Crossfit Hydro we focus on habits and building good habits related to nutrition.

If you have strong goals in this area we are excited to now offer a specific program for you.  Using the proven Precision Nutrition curriculum, you can now enroll in online coaching with our own PN ProCoach John Dunn.  This program will offer you bi-weekly habits supported by daily lessons and frequent workshops.  All of this content is delivered to your email box and available through an online website.  You will get support and have access to John for questions and help as you go through the program.  It is a year long program to support full nutrition and lifestyle transformation.

We offer this program in cohort groups throughout the year please pay attention to announcements at the gym and in the Nutrition Facebook group for registration dates and requirements.  Our first group will start on Monday Jan. 30th. with sign up and assessment completed by Saturday Jan. 28th required. Grab John’s card at the gym and drop him a message or talk to him at the gym if you have questions.

If you are completely new, combining the constantly varied training at Crossfit Hydro with our nutrition e-coaching program will provide you the full circle support for body and lifestyle transformation please email for more information about starting soon!

Written by: John Dunn

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