We are excited to announce new one on one nutrition coaching options at CrossFit Hydro to go along with our regular live and recorded nutrition seminars.  John Dunn has recently completed his Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification.  This is a highly respected certification program focused on sport and exercise nutrition.  The one on one coaching will focus on the goals of the individual member from fat loss to muscle gain to general health to improved recovery and performance.

To begin we will offer the following:

Quick Start Nutrition Package:  3  in person sessions (30-45 minutes each)- $99

  1. Review Current Nutrition, Goals, Assessments
  2. Initial Consultation
  3. Check-up – follow up assessment and program adjustments (This package includes body fat and muscle quality measurements (twice) via the revolutionary Skulpt Aim).
Quick Start E-Follow up Membership – $30 per month (up to 8 contacts via Email, Short in-person, Phone)
Quick Start In-person Follow up sessions $35 each (includes Body Fat/Muscle Quality Assessment)
Single One-on-One Session – $49 each
Skulpt Body Fat/Muscle Quality Testing – $5 each
If you are interested in Nutrition Coaching please speak to one of the coaches or John Dunn directly.

Written by: John Dunn

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