Skill and workout!



5 position Snatch working between 70-85% for multiple sets trying to learn something and trying to fix any issues you might have…
(85% only if you’re hitting things perfectly)



Workout has larger chunks of work so have a break up plan for round one keeping the final round of the workout in mind…

12 Calories on the Bike/Ski
* Ski one round out of every THREE
18 Push Presses (around 60% 1RM Push Press with a 95/135# cap)
24 Toes 2 Bar (Straight leg raises/bent knee)
* 15 minute steady AMRAP

The main goal here is to maintain your break up on each round of the workout…

You can choose a more aggressive break up (9&9 on PP, 8s on the T2B, etc, etc), but you have to be able to maintain that breakdown without going smaller AND not losing too much round speed throughout…

You’re welcomed to “test the waters” a little to see if you can maintain a more aggressive break up, but if you fall apart make sure you make the mental note that it was too aggressive and learn for the next workout!

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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