DB strength!



8 DB Walking Lunges with DB on top of the shoulder
6 Alt. Reverse Lunges in Place with DBs at your sides
4 Alt. Lateral Lunges with DBs down the middle
* 4-5 sets for best loading… The lateral lunge position will be your weight guide for this one



800/1000m Row or 1.25/1.5 Mile Bike or 600-800m Run (Pick 1 and stick with it)
21 Bench Presses
:45 Hanging L-Sit Hold
* 3 total rounds *
(25:00 cap)

Pick a distance you can do in under 5:00 each time and a bench press weight that requires you to break up into 2 sets each time, but CANNOT complete 21 straight with…


Take some quality time with a roller afterward!

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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