3 Sumo Stance DLs
5 Regular Stance DLs
7 RDLs to Above the Knee
* 3-4 sets working to around 60-70% 1RM maybe, but feel out things and go from there



If you’re sore from the week come in and get some movement in, but let your body catch up for a day by taking the pacing/intensity down a notch…

3:00 Bike Distance AMRAP
REST 3:00
3:00 DB Bench AMRAP (35/50’s)
REST 3:00
3:00 KB Bent Over Row AMRAP (26-35/35-53’s)
REST 3:00
3:00 Bike Distance AMRAP
(Try to match your distance from the beginning)



Chest smashing and stretching!

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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