“Speed” Back Squats!

The goal is to get 5 reps done in no more than 8-10 seconds on every set without obviously losing control or positions significantly…



5 Rep Speed Back Squats

(30% x 5, 40% x 5 – Warm Ups)

5 sets of 5 reps between 50-60% as long as you keep the speed/position requirements on a 2-2:30 clock…



2:00 Wall Facing HS Hold
* Wall walk up and rest anytime your position starts to sag at all
3:00 Row OR Bike/Ski
2:00 Hollow Hold
* Scale during the hold to a bent knee or take a quick rest when needed
3:00 Bike/Ski OR Row
2:00 Ring Row Hold
* Keep elbows in and ribs tight and tucked down
3:00 Row OR Bike/Ski
2:00 Push Up Hold
* 3″ off the ground without letting elbows flare or hips sage… Scale to box if needed
3:00 Bike/Ski OR Row

The goal isn’t unbroken holds, but instead quality throughout each 2:00 period and trying to keep semi-aggessive, but near identical pacing/distances covered on each matching 3:00 period for both rowing and biking/skiing…


Record your cardio distances and compare them to see how consistent you stayed!

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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