Single leg strength and gymnastics!



Alternating DB Step Ups for 10 reps on a 20/24″ box

4 sets to work up to your best weight you can without an excessive help from the back leg and focus on keeping the knee lead leg on top the box in line as you start the step up…



**If you fail any part of the gymnastics then you have to start the round over and that round you missed on doesn’t count…

BUT… We want you to set up a workout that makes you flirt with failure by the end of the workout and shouldn’t be a breeze to work through…

2/3 STRICT Pull Ups
9/12 Calories on the Rower
* 15:00 AMRAP

Scale reps to 1/2, 3/4 & 9/12
Scale to partner assisted pull ups, higher height on HSPUs or piked on a box (no knees)
Scale to 6 Ring Rows, 9 Push Ups (Box is another option) and 9/12 Calories…

The row should be at a slightly above recovery pacing so you can jump right back into your next pull up set…



Continue to keep smashing chest and lats and do some muscle rehab work

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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