Backwards day tomorrow 😉

Workout first followed by some heavier assistance/injury prevention movements…

1:30 Clock looking for around 3 rds per 1:30 period of this one so the DB needs to be heavy enough to slow you down and keep you focused on position…
2 Alt. DB Snatches (45-60/70-100#)
10 Box Jumps (20/24″)(Step down)
REST 4:30

4 times through for consistency…


Post workout for 3 sets (at least two, but try to squeeze in 3 and start with a challenging weight out of the gate after feeling things out)

Single Leg DB RDL x10 per side
(Hold the DB in the left hand while doing the right leg and vise versa)

DB Hammer Curls with rotation at the top x 10 total

Side Bridge with Side Leg Lift for 10 reps per side with a 3 sec negative each rep…
(Can scale down by bridging off the knee instead and doing a side knee Raises)

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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