Another great testing week!


Hundreds of PRs this week!


MOBILITY: 10 minutes

Spend some extra time (5-10 minutes) working some of the new shoulder mobility drills we have done this week plus floss and roll out your lower body too…


SKILL: 20 minutes

GHD Sit Ups & Pistol Squats

* Mess around with the GHD and Pistols for 15-20 minutes making sure to work full range on whatever pistol variation you pick and work on not overextending on the GHD Sit Ups…

* Perform sets of no more than 10 reps on Sit Ups at a time and 5s on each leg for the Pistols (Feel free to add weight to the pistols if you have then already)


WORKOUT: 12 minutes

Tabata Mash Up (Supersized!)

* Work for :40 then rest/transition for :20 to the next exercise in the chain *

#1 – Calories on the Bike (15-20 Cals)

#2 – AbMat Sit Ups


* Go by feel on this one… If you’re sore from the week for testing, then take a moderate pace on this one… If you feel good, then push the pace a little more…


Run through this 3 station cycle for 4 total rounds (12 total minutes) for MAX REPS for each movement…


EXTRA MOBILITY: 5-10 minutes

Run back through anything you hit pre-workout for another 5-10 minutes




Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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