General total body for 2-3:00
(Arm circles, swings, hugs, side reaches, toes touches, all kinds of Lunges)

All 4s Rounding and Extending + Rotations
Floor Lat and Chest Stretch x 5ea
Lunge and Reach + Elbow 2 Instep
X 3ea
DB/KB/Object Deadlifts x 10
OH hand walk + Arm & Leg Raise x 3-5
DB/KB/Object Snatch x4-6 reps

10 Muscle Ups (CTB/Chin Above/Strict)
10 Hang DB Clean and OH (25-50#/50-70#)
12 T2B (Straight Leg or Knee Raises)
12 Alt. DB Snatch (Same DB)
14 CTB Pull Ups (Chin Above/Ring Rows)
14 Hang DB Clean & OH (Same DB)
16 T2B
16 Alt. DB Snatch (Same DB)
(13:00 cap)

This one should be pretty quick and steady so make sure to set this one up so you can ideally finish between 8-12:00…

AT HOME: Equipment
10-16 Muscle Ups/Strict/CTB/Chin
Or at home variation – See below
10-16 Single Arm Hang DB Clean & Jerk
Or two DB option
12-18 T2B/SLR/Knee Raise/
Or at home variation – See below
12-18 Alt. Single Arm DB Snatch
Or two DB option
14-20 Strict/CTB/Chin
Or easier at home option
14-20 Single Arm Hang DB C&J (2 DBs)
16-22 T2B/SLR/Knee Raises
16-22 Alt. Single Arm DB Snatch (2 DBs)
(13:00 cap)

Muscle up/pull ups options:
Jumping Muscle Ups (Freezer or counter)
Floor Muscle Ups
Strict Door Pull Ups
Door or bedsheet rows

Toes 2 Bar options:
Toes 2 KB
Hollow Hold Toe Touches
Double Ups Sit Ups

Adjust reps based on options you have, but still allows you to keep some higher speeds up for this one!

Sub in any weighted object you have for the DBs…

Stuffed backpack/bag
Detergent bottles

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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