Little skill work and a “core” workout after a tough week of testing!


SKILL: 15 minutes

1 Tall SQUAT Clean

(Start standing and with just a shrug and a slight calf raise to move the barbell upward try to pull yourself into a full squat receiving position)


2 Hang SQUAT Cleans from the Floor w/ 3 second pause at the bottom

* As long as you keep great positions go as heavy as you like and make sure to keep the lat ques in mind that we worked on in Wednesdays Deadlifts…



5 STRICT Toes 2 Bar/Knees 2 Elbow

(2 second pause at the bottom of EVERY rep)

:30 Star Bridge (:15 each side)

10 Hip Extensions on the GHD/Supermans (Alternate movements each round and add a little weight if things look good)

*Perform as many rounds plus extra reps/seconds as possible in 15 minutes


Technique and position are more important than speed on this one and we will go over proper positions on the GHDs beforehand…


Usee this day as a skill and core strengthening day and do you best to really hammer awesome positions…




Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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