Every minute on the minute!



Every minute on the minute for 24:00 total (4 total rounds through) perform:
1st minute – 6/9 FAST Kipping HSPU (If you’re strong and controlled enough) or scale reps to 3/6 or do 6/9 DB Push Presses with a moderate weight
2nd minute – 9/12 “Paced” Toes 2 Bar
3rd minute – 12-15 FAST Deadlifts (153/225# or a weight you can go unbroken with slight difficulty)
4th minute – 6/9 “Paced” STRICT HSPUs or Box HSPUs or DB Strict Press
5th minute – 9/12 FAST Toes 2 Bar (Possibly unbroken)
6th minute – 12-15 “Paced” Deadlifts (Break into smooth halves, 5s or 3s or even singles)
7th minute – Proceed back to the FAST Kipping HSPU or variation you pick..


Fast minutes should take :20-:30 and paced rounds should be extended out and broken into sections so it takes :40-:50…



10 Banded Scap Push Ups

10 Band Pull Aparts

10 Band Pulldowns

REST :30

* 3 sets

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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