Strict Press

3 sets of 5 with 75-80% 1RM on a 3:00 clock per set

* Warm ups – 50 x5, 65 x5



9/12 STRICT Dips (Rings or Bar… Bands permitted)

15 STRICT Toes 2 Bar (Strict Knee Raises)

18 Alt. Pistol Squats (Pick a variation that allows perfect knee positions)

* 15:00 AMRAP

* Goal is consistent break ups throughout with no unbroken sets at all on any given round

* Choose scales that allow near perfect positions



Band External Rotation at various positions x5-10ea

Band Pull Aparts x15

Band Pull downs x15

REST 1:00

* 3 SETS

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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