Starting off the week really simple so keep the weights moderate for the complex and the speed moderate-ish for the workout too…



5 DB Curls
10 DB Arnold Presses
20 DB Bent Over Rows
40′ DB Walking Lunge
* 3 total sets with 2-3:00 of rest between sets…

Don’t have to do any part unbroken since it is a lot of gripping of the DBs…



50 Calories on the Rower/Bike/Ski
50 Med Ball Rotations (14-25/20-35#)
50 Calories on the Bike/Ski/Rower
50 Med Ball Sit Ups
50 Calories on the Ski/Row/Bike
50 Med Ball Slams
(20:00 cap)

You can try to hit all three pieces of cardio or do the same one the whole time…

Totally up to you on this one…



Chest and Pec Minor Lacrosse Ball Work

Face down Scaption Raises (Y position with thumbs up) x 10-15 reps (2.5-5#)

* 2 sets

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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