We are going to impart some back squat knowledge tomorrow from the powerlifting seminar we had with Bret from Omaha Barbell today…



5 rep Low Bar Back Squat
* 3 sets @ 70-75% 1RM

This change in set up places a much larger emphasis on your hips and hammies so it will be potentially easier for some and harder for others so pick a work set weight that ends up being a challenge, but NOT close to a 5 rep max at all…



250/300m Ski (1:15 cap)
40 Med Ball Slams (25-30/30-40#)
5 Rope Climbs (No Jump)
(7:00 cap)

Make sure to smash, band stretch and reset those hips and shoulders when you’re done also!

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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