Little change up for our strength work on Monday…

We will be working to try to hold perfect isometric body lines instead of creating movement…

These holds will help you to stay stronger during your strict and kipping movements…

1:00 Pull Up Hold (Slightly Above Pull Up Bar)
REST 1:00
1:00 Slow Wall Walk (Just 1/2 to 3/4, not to the wall)
REST 1:00
1:00 Hollow Hold to Arch Hold (:05 Each)
REST 1:00
1:00 Wall Facing HS Hold (Drop off the wall if you feel your body line or legs bend or bow)
REST 2:00
1:00 Ring Row Hold (90 degree arm bend or so)
REST 1:00
1:00 Slow Wall Walk
REST 1:00
1:00 Hollow Hold
REST 1:00
1:00 Push Up Hold (90 degree arm bend or so)


Since we have the new record board let’s start filling in the rowing and misc columns with some new numbers…

Every 7:30 on the clock perform:
From 0:00-7:30 – 500m Row (2:30 cap or so)
From 7:30-15:00 – 200 Double Under For Time (2:30 cap)
From 15:00-22:30 – 1 Mile Bike (2:30-3:00 cap or so)

We will wave 6 athletes in every 2:30 or so on the clock and push all these hard, but keep in mind you do need to have some pacing the first half in order to push the back half…

We will see you all tomorrow!

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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