Split stance Strict Press x 2 per side then 3 more Strict Presses in your normal stance for a total of 7 reps…

Take 4 total sets to work up to something heavy, but not to full failure for the day…



The workout goal is to try to complete one full round in right around 1:30 on the clock each time, but they are complex movements that involve a lot of work per rep so you will probably have to do some tweaking after round one…

1:30 clock to complete:
2/3 Legless Rope Climbs (No jumping)
9 Burpee DB Box Step Up & Overs (20/24″)(35’s/50’s)
REST 3:00
* 3 total times

The above is the hardest version of this workout and would be tough to complete for 3 rounds so you can do any of the below listed scaling ideas…

1.) 1/2 Legless and 9 Burpee DB Step Overs
2.) 3 Leg Assisted and 9 Burpee DB Step Overs
3.) 3 Leg Assisted and 9 Burpee DB SO at a light DB weight

Try to not scale the reps too much, but instead move the difficulty of the rope climb down and/or knock the DB weights down…



We will have some post warm up AND post workout elbow and shoulder rehab work for you guys too so let’s try to start clearing up any issues you guys might be having…

Palms down Wrist Curls x10

Diagonal Band Pull Aparts x10ea way (Orange or Red Band)

* 3 sets

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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