And finally a nice day so you know what is coming 😉

DB lifting…

2 DB Reverse Lunges (DBs on top of shoulders)
1 DB Push Press
2 DB Reverse Lunges
1 DB Push Jerk
2 DB Reverse Lunges
1 DB Split Jerk
2 DB Reverse Lunges
* 4-5 sets for moderate to heavy load
(15-20:00 to complete… Leave a little bit in the tank and don’t let things get too out of control with the DBs)

1000m Shuttle Run
8/10 Rope Climbs (6:00 cap)
1000m Shuttle Run
(18:00 cap)

The shuttle run will be…

Run to the street and back…
Run to the fence up the alleyway and back…
Run to the 100m/blue tape mark and back…
Then run to the fence and back again…
Then finish with the street and back one more time before starting your rope climbs…

Jumping permitted on the rope climbs and scale as needed!

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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