Everyone gets to compare scores tomorrow 😉

But first…

Percentage work for our strength section so keep to the listed numbers or even move slightly lighter if things feel like they will be or starts to get to be unmanageable…

5 Deadlift “1 and 1/2’s”
* Pick the barbell up as normal then return to the below the knee position and pull back up to the top before dropping to the floor for the next rep
* Perform FOUR total work sets @ 75% 1RM deadlift or knock down slightly if needed to keep solid positions


“Total Body Tabata”

Perform 8 rounds of :20 of work followed by :10 of rest on the Bike for total calories (4:00 total)
REST 4:00
Perform 8 rounds of :20 of work followed by :10 of rest on Jumping Chin Above Bar Pull Ups for max total reps (4:00)
* Set your bar at 4-6″ below your wrist while you’re standing under the bar with arms fully extended…

Take care of yourself afterwards with some chest/shoulder/calf rolling and some wrist and shoulder rehab work!

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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