2-3:00 of Cardio Warm Up

Active Hip Stretch + Rotation/Reach x 1:00ea
Single Leg RDL x5-10ea (Until hip burn with no weight, but try to balance)
All 4s breathing + Extension & Rotation x 1-2:00
Wider stance overhead hand walks x 5
Forward and Bkward Hurdle into Elbow 2 Instep x 3ea
Burpee w/ Max height jump x 3

Take 20 minutes to work up to a heavy/max set of 2 on a Snatch, Clean or Clean and Jerk
(50, 65, 80, 85, 85+, 85+, 85+… 96%+ = PR)

Tabata Mash Up of Rowing for Meters and Burpees for 8 total rounds (4:00 total)

Perform one round on the Rower then get off and do Burpees the next round, then more back to the Rower on round 3, etc, etc…

Each burpee adds 10m to your row score and the rollover does count on this one!

Perform any of the following listed below and adjust the tempo to slow enough that 5 reps is tough on whatever movement you pick, but also doable for 3 total sets…
1. DB Single Leg RDLs (1 or 2 DBs)
2. DB Single Leg Deadlifts (1 or 2 DBs)
3. DB Squats (2 DBs)
4. DB Split Squats (1 or 2 DBs)
5. Bagpack, sandbag or jug weights on all the above also…

For the workout sub in whatever cardio you can depending on how you’re feeling from running on Sunday and sub in squat Jumps or jumping jacks instead as long as you can make things quick and fast!

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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