General Upper Body Movement for 2-3:00

Floor Wrist Stretch x 1:00
Floor Lat Stretch plus All 4s Rounding x 5
Backward Lunge and Reach & Elbow 2 Instep x 3ea side
Med Ball Open Book x 5ea side
Push Up Hand Walk for 3 reps
Strict Pull Up variation x 1-3 reps
(Bar, door, floor, etc)


Complete the follow every 3:00 or so with the same weight for all five sets:
1 DB Weighted Pull Up
2/3 Strict CTB Pull Up or Chin Above
3/5 Muscle Ups
10 Ring Rows (Hard Angle)
1 DB Weighted
2/3 Strict Unweighted
3/5 Kipping CTB or Chin
10 Ring Rows
1-3 Strict Pull Ups (No weight)
3-5 Kipping
:10-:20 Pull Up Hold
10 Ring Rows

3-5 Door Pull Up or Floor Pull Ups
10 Table Rows or DB Bent Over Rows
3-6 DB Flys
6-9 DB Curls
9-12 Bent Over DB Rows


Weighted Burpees (25/45#) Plate…

On the 1st minute perform 1 rep doing a Burpee down to the plate then picking up the plate and snatching the plate overhead…

On the 2nd minute perform 2 reps in the min…
On the 3rd minute perform 3 reps in the min…
… Continue until you cant get the reps done in the minute or you reach the 15:00 cap


Perform same as above if you have a plate or use a lighter pair of DBs or make an object you can Burpee to then reach overhead…

If you have no equipment then try to add something to the end of the movement in the form of a Burpee table step up or stair jump, etc and extend the time cap to 20 mins if the version is a significantly easier one…

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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