400m Run
Hip Mobility Series x 1-2:00 each side
(Work from Lunge/Reach to twist to Elbow 2 Instep to flopping the shin over)
Tempo Hip Bridges x 20 (Band Around Knees)
Open Book x 5ea
Bar Hang x :30
Rig Lat Stretch x 5ea
Push Up + Rotation & Reach x 3
Push Up Position Opp Toe Touches x 5ea
Rolling Toe Touch x 5-10
Tempo Pistol (1/4-1/2 depth) x 5ea
(Hold bottom for 3 secs each)
100m Run at workout speed

* Throw a band around knees on the first set and really try to feel both hips engaged

Front Squat @ 80%
Unbroken sets of 5-4-3-2-1 with as little rest as needed between sets
(Warm ups – Empty Bar + Bands, 50% x 5, 65% x 3, 75% x2)

Check out your air squats in a mirror and check for any shifts right or left…

Stretch the side you’re shifting towards but also check the opposite side as well to see which is tighter…

Do 1 set of hip Bridges for 20 reps feeling the glutes only, the single leg Squats holding the bottom then load up with whatever you have and try to feel both hips/hammies staying engaged…

Use whatever loading you have and do 5-4-3-2-1 or 10-8-6-4-2 depending on the loading you have…

400m Run
400m Run
400m Run
(10:00 cap)

Scale T2B reps so unbroken is hard but doable on the final set under fatigue…

Scale to any of the following:
1 – 9/12/15
2 – 6/9/12
3 – 3/6/9

Try to not scale the run distance if possible since that is the PRIMARY goal for this one is the run completion times after you have spiked your heart rate some from big T2B sets…
(Scale to 300m run if you need to)

The 2nd goal is holding onto unbroken T2B/Knee raise sets and the final goal is to finish the workout under the cap…

Sub in any T2B sub you can do continously for the reps listed…
Toes 2 KB or doorway
Hollow Hold Toe Touches
Reverse Sit Ups

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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