t – row 1:00 easy, 10 ball slams, row :30 faster, 8 medball front squats, row :15 fast, 6 medball thrusters splits stretch and reach x :30 ea, push-up handwalk x 3, elbow to instep x 2 (ea) ring row and hold for 5 seconds.


e bar wars/granny toss, over the back toss for distance

t db bench press x 10, Russian mb twists x 10, 3 total rounds


e 8 jumping pull-ups, medball carry down and back,

t :45 row sprint, :15 rest, :30 sprint, :30 rest, :15 sprint, for meters, rest 3:00, 3 total rounds


Dodgeball switch

Megan Kestel

Written by: Megan Kestel

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