E – Trash in my Yard

T – Hooverball,  5 slow and controlled wall balls, 6 slams, 7 presses: 2 rounds. Wall hip stretch, x :45 each side, Lunge/Reach/Elbow2instep x 4 each, Lateral lunge and reach x 3 each, zombie walks x 10 each way, 5 wall balls (consecutive)


E – DB Swing

T – Clean & Front Squat x 3


E – Increasing work load of 1 burpee every round of 1 minute. Complete for 12 rounds or until you cannot complete the work in the 1 minute time limit for each round.

T – Death by KB Swing & Burpee Minute 1: 2 Burpee Minute 2: 2 KB Swing, Minute 3: 4 burpees, Minute 4: 4 KB swings, etc. Once you fall off of one exercise in 1 min time limit, continue the other exercise until you can no longer complete the work in 1 minute.


Cone Blaster

Megan Kestel

Written by: Megan Kestel

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