E: Pizza Box Game

T: 30 jumping jacks (change arm angle)

Calf stretch on rig x :30 each side

Push up hand walk x 4

Lunge and reach x 4

20 jumping jacks (change arm angle)

Hip stretch on wall x :30 ea side

Elbow to instep x 4 steps

Bar hang x :15

2 wall walks

3 burpee + max height jump



E: Jump the tower/L-sit hold on box

T: Practice and set up all movements for the workout



E: 7:00 AMRAP

5 toes to bar

5 burpees

:05 L-sit hold on box

T: 12 Days of Christmas WOD!

1 wall walk

2 box jumps

3 pull ups

4 push ups

5 lunges

6 T2B/knee raises

7 med ball slams

8 cals on row/bike

9 sit ups

10 burpees

11 wall ball

12 jumping bar mu

**Just like the song, start with 1 wall walk. THEN go to 2 box jumps, 1 wall walk. THEN continue with 3 pull ups, 2 box jumps, 1 wall walk. Keep moving up one exercise each new round and work back down to 1 wall walk until you finish with 12 jumping muscle ups and work back down to 1 wall walk.



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