Warm Up

E:Sharks and Minnows

T: Tic tac toe


Calf stretch on rig x:30

5 Super SLOW Air squats

Wall hip stretch x:30 each side

10 front back hops

10 side to side hops

10 PVC Pass throughs

5 Overhead squats with PVC

5 Snatch balance

THEN…Stretch anything else that feels tight

THEN…Start with PVC Skill work (Snatch-from hang position-power catch)



E: Wall walks, Cartwheels, Monkey hangs

T:Snatch (hang position power catch)



E: 6:00-9:00 AMRAP

5 pull ups

1 cartwheel

1 forward roll

5 burpees

Cone Run

T: 3 Rounds for time:

1 Rope Climb

5 push ups +:10 wall walk hold

10 wall ball

15 box jumps/step ups



Steal the Bacon

Megan Kestel

Written by: Megan Kestel

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