Warm Up

E: Hungry Hungry Hippos

T: 30 Jumping jacks

20 Arm circles (different directions)

10 Jumping jacks  

5  Arm circles (different directions)

Banded hip stretch on rig x :30 each side

Calf Stretch on rig x:30 each side

Hand walk + Overhead reach + Rotation x4

Elbow to Instep x 4

Double banded overhead stretch on rig

5 squats (w/ toe grab + rotation)

Rolling toe touch x6

**COACH will lead PVC warm up to prepare for Overhead squats

(PVC Pass throughs-overhead squat w/ PVC)



E: Superman/Hollow/Plank: This drill will help athletes learn and feel the difference between these three positions. Athletes will lay in a row. Coach will explain each body position and have one athlete demo. Coach will call out one of the positions to the group and have them perform it.

T: Overhead Squat (Sets of 2-3 reps) 15-20 minutes for this part

*Coach will review the following:

-Snatching the bar into position

-Bar placement overhead

-Active lats/armpit position

**Squat to med ball if you struggle to hit depth

This is a complex movement. Take it slow. Work up conservatively. If you aren’t hitting the proper positions, don’t increase the weight!  Depending on class size, coach may start a clock and have athletes perform reps together.



E: 7:00-9:00 AMRAP (Coach will determine length of AMRAP)

5 Ring rows

5 Push ups (use box if needed)

5 Box/plate jumps

**Every so often the coach will call FREEZE and all athletes will complete a cone run OR 10 pulls on the rower (depending on weather).

T: 9:00 AMRAP

4 Toes to Bar/Knee raises

8 DB snatch

12 Double unders/24 Singles



Cone Blaster

Megan Kestel

Written by: Megan Kestel

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