Warm up

E: Steal the Bacon Athletes will be divided into two teams. They will line up facing each other. Each athlete will have a number that matches the number on the opposing team. In the middle will be a band (to represent “bacon”).  When the coach calls a number those two athletes race to the middle and try to be the first to steal the bacon and bring it back to their line. The other team has the opportunity to tag them on the shoulder before they reach the boundary.  If the team gets the bacon to their line they choose 3 of a movement for the other team to do, if they get tagged the other team chooses 3 of a movement.


T: Row/Ski 10 cal

Arm Circles (20 forward, 20 back)

Push up hand walk x4

Elbow to instep x4

Chest/Shoulder stretch on floor

Row/ski 10 cal



E: Stations

#1-Bar Wars

#2-Plank ball/Shoulder taps

#3-Air squats/Front squats


T: Stations

#1-Wall work (holds, wall walks, kick ups)

#2-DB work (clean to push press)

#3-Air squats + plank/hollow holds



E: 7:00 AMRAP

4 burpee box jump overs

4 front squats

4 plank shoulder taps

1 trip through agility ladder


T: 12:00 AMRAP

10 cal (Row/Ski)

10 DB Push Press

10 Air squats

1 Wall walk




Megan Kestel

Written by: Megan Kestel

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