Warm up 

E: Switch (run, skip, bear crawl, carioca, duck walk, crab walk, etc)

T: Tornado Tag


overhead hand walk with arm/leg raise x 4

open book stretch x 5 ea side

wall walk x 2 (hold for :05)

lat stretch on rig x 4 ea side

ankle stretch w/ PVC



E: Jump rope/ headstands

T: Push Jerk (work up to a heavy set of 2)



E: Work for :40 at each station/Rest for :20 at each station

2-3X Through:

1st Minute: Agility Ladder

2nd Minute: Ring Rows

3rd Minute: Hula Hoop

4th Minute: Burpees

T: In groups of 2 complete the following:

400m Run/Row

:45/1:00 Wall Facing Handstand Hold

(1-2′ from wall… Strong & straight body)

:30 CHIN Above Bar Hold (L-sit if able) 

(Scale to no L-Sit or a Ring Row Hold)

* 20 minute AMRAP *



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Megan Kestel

Written by: Megan Kestel

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