Warm up

E: Hungry Hungry Hippos

T: Hungry Hungry Hippos


Dumpster run, 5 SLOW air squats, cone to cone high skips, 5 tuck jumps, 10 superman holds (hold for 2 seconds then reset), :15 hollow body hold, :15 bar hang, lat stretch on  rig 



E: DB snatch, jumping and landing

T: strict pull up work (Perform 1-3 strict pull ups every 1:30)

*coach will go through proper positions and scaling options

*(tension on the bar, lats engaged, tight body position)



E: 10:00 AMRAP (Partner Workout)

Partner 1: 3 Ring rows, 6 DB Snatch, 12 plate jumps (pacer)

Partner 2: With a medicine ball- Jog to cone, walk back to cone, Jog to cone… until P1 is done

T: 9:00 AMRAP

2 toes to bar

2 push ups

2 air squats

3 toes to bar

3 push ups

3 air squats  

*increase by one rep each round*



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