Warm up

E: Pizza Box Game

T: Tic Tac Toe


20 jumping jacks

10 arm circles

Hamstring stretch w/band on rig (10 reps each side)

Hip stretch w/band on the rig (:30 each side)

10 rolling toe touches

4 hand walks (no push up, hold hamstring stretch at the end)



E: Jump the Tower (how many ab mats can you jump over?!?!)

T: Deadlift (sets of 5-drop each rep from the top)



E: 7:00 AMRAP

5 wall balls (over the bar)

climb the boxes

5 ring rows

agility ladder

T: 12:00-15:00 Partner AMRAP

Run 400M (Switch every 100 meters)

50 Ball Slams 

50 Situps

50 Double Unders/ 100 singles 



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Megan Kestel

Written by: Megan Kestel

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