Saturday 6/14


E – In partners, move awkward objects from one side of the gym to the other for time.

T –  Bike .10, 5 MB Slams, run 100 M, 5 MB Slams, Bike , wall hip stretch x :30 each side, extended Push-up Handwalk + opposite leg and hand raise x 3, Elbow to Instep x 4, active hang x :10, Kipping swing x 5, MB Push press and throw x 3


E DB Snatch

T – from the rack push press:  work up to a challenging set of 2, then perform 5 sets of 1 at that weight, resting at least 2:00 in between rounds. Add a little in the round of 5 if it feels good!


E 5:00 – 7:00 AMRAP of  5 DB Snatch (ea), 10 box jumps, 150 M run (dumpster)

T – 15:00 AMRAP 5 snatch (45/65) ,10 box jump(20/24), run 200M, bike .15 Miles (switch every round) Finish one round and rest 1:00 after every round completed


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Megan Kestel

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