t 1:00 row, slow and controlled burpees, 75 meter row, 4 slow and controlled burpees, 50 m row, 3 slow and controlled burpees, splits stretch x :30 ea, active hang x :10, rig squat stretch x :30,  elbow to instep x 5 ea., lateral lunge & reach x 4, pushup handwalk x 3, :30 row for consistency.

t whole gym CrossFit Baseball


e db clean

t squat clean


e 8:oo AMRAP of

100 m run

8 db clean

10 t2b/knee raises

t Complete 6 rounds

1:00 row for consistency

8 clean (55/65)

10 t2b/knee raises (20 knee raises)

20:00 cap


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Megan Kestel

Written by: Megan Kestel

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