row/run (outside) 100M, 5 MB Slams, row/run 100 M (Switch), 5 MB Slams, Run/Row(whatever you started with) , splits stretch and reach x :30 each side, Push-up Handwalk + opposite leg and hand raise x 3, Elbow to Instep x 4, active hang x :10, reverse shrug x 5, KB/MB front squat x 5


e pvc hang clean and split jerk

t clean and split jerk, 1 each leg, kb/db deadlift


e 200 m run, 10 kb/db deadlift 8:00 AMRAP

t 750 m row, 10 deadlift 10 min AMRAP


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Megan Kestel

Written by: Megan Kestel

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