Warm up:
Tic tac toe
1st game- Run out
2nd game- Bear Crawl out
3rd game- Shuffle out
4th game- Crab Walk out

50 Jumping Jacks
40′ Walking Lunge & Reach
:30 Bar Hang w/Partner Push
20′ Elbow 2 Instep + Hamstring
10 Push Up Hand Walks (Knee Push Ups)
5 Tough Ring Rows
2-3 Wall Walks (1/2 way)

Bar Wars mashed up with Push Up planks variations
* Perform 1 round of Bar Wars followed by a Plank Push Up skill that steadily becomes harder between games of bar wars for 3-5 rounds with 1-2:00 rest after after each full round…

Pull Up Strength/Grip Strength
Push Up Strength/Skill
* Work strict pull ups or Ring rows for 2-5 reps on the first minute then Push Ups for 4-7 reps on the 2nd minute working on making sets tougher and tougher as the minutes progress by reducing bands, working tougher angles or lower boxes in the case of push ups
* 10 total minutes after 10 minutes of skill work to figure out a starting point

50-100 Single Unders
150m Run
250m Row
150m Run
50-100 Single Unders
(8:00 cap)

200m Ski (1:00 cap)
400m Run
600m Row
400m Run
200m Ski
(12:00 cap)

Playtime afterwards!

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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