Team Saturday!


In groups of 2:
1000m Row, 2000m Bike or 800m Ski
100 Med Ball Slams (20-25/30-35#)
2000m Bike, 800m Ski or 1000m Row
100 RUSSIAN KB Swings (26-44/44-70#)
800m Ski, 1000m Row or 2000m Bike
Accumulate 100′ of Legless Rope Climbs
* Scale to Leg Assisted or Seated
1000m Row, 2000m Bike or 800m Ski
(30:00 cap)

Scale and pace this one as needed to get what you need out of it…

If you’re done with 19.3 then push this one and bust you asses a little more with your partner…

If you’re trying to loosen up then take the paces down some and lighten the weights some and just get sweaty…

Or somewhere in between!

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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