E – Animal Walks up and down the turf

T – 3:00 AMRAP of  5 ball slams, 10 sec active pull-up hold, then Splits stretch & reach x :30 each, Extended push-up handwalk and leg/arm raise x 4, elbow to instep x 3 each, burpee pull-up x 3


E – Wall Balls

T- Standing Broad Jump for distance


E – In Partners 1 person working at a time, 10:00 AMRAP of

2 Burpees each

4 Ball Slam Each

6 Sit-ups each

T – In Partners 1 person working at a time, 18:00 AMRAP of

5 Burpee Pull Ups

10 Ball Slams

15 AbMat Sit Ups


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Megan Kestel

Written by: Megan Kestel

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