E – Steal

T – Tabata run, then active hip stretch x :30 ea, cow/cat stretch x 5 ea, floor lat stretch x 5 ea, hurdle backwards lunge/elbow to instep/rock back and hamstring stretch x 4, 3 strict burpees, 2 burpee ball slams


E hollow holds – all progressions demonstrated from easiest to hardest (4 rounds for :15 each round – hold :15, rest :15) & single arm dumbell cleans

T db clean, cartwheels


E – 5 db cleans, down the ladder, 5 burpee ball slams

T – Partner double Tabata single-arm Dumbell Cleans, (partner 1 goes 1st 20 seconds, partner 2 2nd 20 seconds, so on through a full tabata for each partner), then double tabata plank holds, then double Tabata Burpee ball slams


Open Gym

Megan Kestel

Written by: Megan Kestel

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