Warm Up

E: Inch Worm Relay

T: Mixed Tabata (3X Through)

Air Squats

Banded Good Mornings

Sit ups

Front/Back OR Side/Side hops (mix it up)



E: Rotational Throw (practice step and throw)

T: Pistol Squats

Athletes will follow one or more of the following progressions:

-Rolling squat/pistol progression

-Ab mat progression

-Box Progression



E: Partner Workout (10:00 AMRAP)

5 wall balls

10 push ups

15 plank high fives


T: Partner Workout (15:00 AMRAP)

4 pistols (2 each side)

8 KB Swings

12 sit ups

16 ball slams



Open Gym

Megan Kestel

Written by: Megan Kestel

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