E: Switch (When athletes hear “Switch”, they will continue the same movement in the backward -or opposite- direction)

Run, Crab Walk, Skip, Bear Crawl, Shuffle

T: 1:00 Bike or Ski – easy pace

Elbow to instep x 4 steps

1:00 Bike or Ski – moderate pace

Chest/shoulder stretch on floor

:30 Bike or Ski – faster pace

2 wall walks



E: Stations

#1- Bar Wars

#2- Air squats

#3- DB/KB Deadlift

T: Review wall walk body position, Review ski technique/how to hold handles (no kick ups today)



E: 6:00-8:00 AMRAP

3 Jumping bar muscle ups

6 air squats

3 KB deadlifts  

T: 20:00 PARTNER AMRAP (As many meters as possible)

Bike or Ski (one partner working at a time) 

**Every 5:00, including at the start of the workout, both partners must complete 2 wall walks each (partners may work at the same time to complete the wall walks)



Open Gym

Megan Kestel

Written by: Megan Kestel

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