Warm up:

E- Pizza Boxes

T- 1:00 Min row

wall hip stretch

Push up handwalks (in place)

:30 sec row (Faster pace)

Ground lat stretch “Karate chop”

E2I 3 position’s

15: (ALL OUT!)


15: each side bridge 


E- DB push press/sit ups

T- overview of partner Russian twist/partner sit ups


E-  5 DB push presses, 10 sit ups EMOM for 8min rest with time left on the clock each min. 


Part A :1000 meter row ( Switch every 250m) 1 partner must row while other partner must heavy object above waist  * if partner holding weight has to drop weight and reset then partner rowing must stop until other partner has picked up weight again* Part B: Once 1000 M row is done partners will move on to a amrap of 

  • 50 Partner Med Ball Russian Twists (Done back to back partners twist to hand ball off to one another)
  • 40 Partner Med Ball Sit-Ups ( Done feet to feet partners must sit up all the way facing partner to hand ball off)
  • 30 Slam Balls (split evenly)
  • 20 Wall Ball Shots (split evenly) 


Megan Kestel

Written by: Megan Kestel

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