Warm Up

E: Switch Cones: Coaches will set up 5 cones (4 corners and one in the middle). The game starts with an athlete at each of the 5 cones and the rest of the group waiting in line. The person at the center cone calls “Switch” and all athletes must move to a different cone than the one they are standing at. The athlete that ends up at the middle cone has an exercise to complete before re-entering the game. (Athletes will change the method of movement between cones for each round-run, skip, crab walk, bear crawl, shuffle, etc.)  

T: 200m Row

Wall/Bench/Box Hip stretch (x:30 each side)

Standing Toe Touches x10 (Stand tall, reach overhead, then down to the floor, keeping legs straight)

Med ball push press x10

Med ball slam x5

100m Row

Med ball squat x10

Med ball slam x5

50m Row



E: REVIEW step and throw first-practice with a partner-use dodgeballs


Target Practice Relay: The group will be divided into two teams. Athletes will line up on one side of the room. They will run down one at a time and pick up a ball to toss to a cone (multiple cones will be set up). Athletes will only return back to line for the next person to go once they hit the cone. (One ball per team. Each athlete must retrieve their own ball.)  

T: Review DB Push Press, KB Swings and Rowing Technique



E: 6:00-9:00 AMRAP (Coach will decide the length of the AMRAP)   

4 Toes to Bar

6  Walking Lunges

8  Ball Slams

:10 Plank Hold

T: 20:00 PARTNER AMRAP (Split the work between partners.)

1000m Row

40 KB swings

500m Row

40 DB Push Press (Scale to med ball if needed)  

1000m Row

40 Goblet Squats (Use one of the DBs from your push press weight OR the KB you are using for swings–scale to med ball if needed)



Open Gym

Megan Kestel

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