e burpee basketball

t 6 up and down the hill, rig squat stretch x :30, 10 alternating lat stretch, lunge/reach/elbow to instep/ hamstring x 4 each, 10 walking lunges, 8 thruster ball slam


e db snatch/db squat

t kb swing


e min 1: 10 kb front squat, min 2 10 alternating  dumbbell snatch, 14:00 work

t min 1: 12/15 db front squat and rest remaining time, min 2: 12/15 kb swing and rest remaining time, continue for 10 rounds of each (20 total). If work can it be finished in 1:00 time frame, plank hold for the entire minute during that work until workout is over


gaga ball

Megan Kestel

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