Warm up

E:  Plank Ball – Athletes will plank in a circle. They pass a medicine ball by hitting it with one hand while maintaining the plank. (Variations include a musical version where whoever is last touching the ball when the music stops goes to the center of the circle to do 3 push-ups, or whoever loses plank position first goes to the center for 3 push-ups. We will play both versions)

T: Steal the beanbag – The coach will call out an exercise. All athletes will begin doing exercise. The coach will then call a number and those two kids run and try to grab the object in the center and bring it back to their team (on the outside the kids are continuously doing the exercise called until the round is over).


25 doubles/50 singles

Lat stretch on rig x 3 ea side

chest stretch on floor x :30 each side

med ball open book stretch x 3 ea side

2 burpees + vertical jump



E: Cone hops/Headstands (We will line up 10 small dome cones and kids hop over them as quickly and accurately as possible. Concentrate on spending as little time on the ground as possible, while also staying in control over feet. You should never hit any other cones or fall forward)




E: 6:00-9:00 AMRAP

5 push ups

7 second plank hold

9 squats

T: “Team Death By”

In groups of 2, sharing the workload anyway you like perform the following:

Every minute on the minute until unable to complete the workload in under 60 seconds:

1st minute – 10 Doubles Unders OR 15 Singles

2nd minute – 20 Double Unders OR 30 Singles

3rd minute – 30 Double Unders OR 45 Singles

… Keep adding 10 Double or 15 Singles every minute


Every minute on the minute until unable to complete the workload in under 60 seconds:

1st minute – 2 Weighted Burpees (10#)

2nd minute – 4 Weighted Burpees (10#)

3rd minute – 6 Weighted Burpees (10#)

… Keep adding 2 reps each round until unable to complete the work required in under 60 seconds

**Strict pull up work at the end, IF time**



Open Gym

Megan Kestel

Written by: Megan Kestel

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