Warm Up 

E: Snatch the Cone 

T: 10 cal row

Push up hand walk x 4 

Wall hip stretch x :30 

KB Deadlift x 5 

5 cal row 

Elbow to instep x 2 each side 

**Stretch anything else that  feels tight 



E: #1-HS Kick ups/Toes to bar  

#2-Front Squats w/ med ball OR PVC (Coach will determine what is appropriate for each athlete.)

T: Review all movements for workout. Practice Farmer’s carry and decide weight that will be used for the workout. Keep these as level as possible. If athletes are walking crooked, the coach will ask athletes to walk with a lighter weight. 



E: 5:00-8:00 AMRAP (coach will determine length of AMRAP based on class size and time)  

7 Front squats 

5 Toes to Bar/knee raises  

3 Forward rolls 


T: 20:00-25:00 PARTNER AMRAP 

100m single arm Farmer’s Walk (left arm out, right arm back) 

**Alternate who does the Farmer’s walk each round–the partner that is not holding any weight must walk with the other partner

30 cal row 

15 push ups 

(Set up rowers outside if more room is needed for push ups inside.) 



Open Gym

Megan Kestel

Written by: Megan Kestel

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