Warm Up 

E:  Snatch the Cone OR Farmers vs. Lumberjacks (Coach will decide) 

T: Rowling 3-4 Rounds 

**Athletes will attempt to get exactly 100m on the rower. If athletes go over/under, they will perform that many burpees as a penalty. 


Hip stretch on wall/bench/box 

Air squat + toe grab x 5 

Elbow to instep x 4 

Hand walk (no push up) x 4 



E: Review all movements for workout with athletes.  

T: Review all movements for workout with athletes. Remind athletes that they will need to be QUICK in and out of rowers. Move with a purpose! Hustle to the next movement! 



E: Station Rotation

Athletes will rotate through stations in 30 second increments with a 30 second rest between rounds (3 to 4 round total–coach will decide) Athletes will start in different spots. 


#1-Stinkbug walks (Set up 12 inch boxes. Athletes will start with feet on the box, hands on the floor, body in piked position. Athletes will walk hands around the box while keeping feet on top of the box.) 

#2-Jumping Bar Muscle ups 

#3-Plank Shoulder taps

#4-Air Squats to a med ball 


T: Work for :40 at each station/Rest for :20 at each station 

**Goal is to match # for each section each time you come back to it.

4-5 X Through:

1st Minute: Row for calories (set up rowers outside) 

2nd Minute: Sit ups  

3rd Minute: Wall Ball  

4th Minute: Plank Shoulder Taps



Open Gym

Megan Kestel

Written by: Megan Kestel

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