e 100 M Indian run x 3

t Jog gate and back, lunge & reach x 10 (5 each side), splits stretch x :30, alternating lat stretch x 5 (ea), 3 burpee high jump


e wall ball

t Medball thruster


e 6:00 AMRAP of 3 wall ball (squat and throw up the wall, let fall to the floor each time), 4 burpees, 5 ring rows/jumping pull ups

t in partners 1 person working at a time: 15:00 AMRAP 5 Medball/Slam ball thruster (ea), 10 sit-up (ea), 15 burpee over abmat (total shared between each team)


Gaga Ball

Megan Kestel

Written by: Megan Kestel

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