e obstacle course

t 100 m jog, 5 kb dl, 50 m backward run, 5 kb dl, elbow to instep holds x 3 ea, backward lunge & reach x 4 ea, sled push, sled pull


e farmer carry

t sled push and pull


e 9:00 amrap

farmer carry down and back, 5 push up, 5 pull up

t 1:00 sled drag, 2:00 rest 1:00 sled push, 2:00 rest, 1:00 sled pull, 2:00 rest, 1:00 sled push, 2:00 rest, 1:00 rest sled drag, 2:00 rest



Open gym

Megan Kestel

Written by: Megan Kestel

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