Way back to 2014…



Kipping Pull Up, Dip, Low Ring Muscle Ups Transition Progressions


Ring Muscle Up Practice

* 15 minutes



“2014 Games Muscle Up Biathlon”

400m Run

18 Unbroken Ring Muscle Ups*

400m Run

15 Unbroken Ring Muscle Ups

400m Run

12 Unbroken Ring Muscle Ups

(18:00 cutoff)

* Alley run all the way to the fence (200m) for any broken set… If you’re still hanging on the bar or rings it still counts as unbroken


Lots of scales on this one, but pick an option that challenges you and doesn’t allow you to do any set unbroken…



#1 – Muscle Up Reps

– 15/12/9, 12/9/6 or 9/6/3

#2 – Scale to Pull Ups or Ring Dips

– 36/30/24, 30/24/18, 18/12/6 or 12/9/6

#3 – Scale to Pull Up or Ring Row Holding

(Once you drop below a 90 degree elbow bend it’s a broken set)

– 2:00&1:30/1:30&1:00/1:00&:30

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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