18.2 coming!


Ready for another one…



Every 2:00 for 24:00 (3 rounds each)

1st 2:00 – Paced Wall Ball Shots

* Think of a longer distance rower pull pacing… 2-3 second steady squat into a steady slow for 15-20 reps

2nd 2:00 – 8-12 HEAVY Bent Over DB Rows

3rd 2:00 – Speed Wall Ball for time

* 15-20 reps for efficiency and speed

4th 2:00 – Double and/or Single under practice for 1:00-1:30 or do sets of 50-75 for time



Rolling and stretching for 5-10 mins as a group (coach will lead)

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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